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The Stir Symposium seeks to provide an opportunity to collaborate, think, and discover new ways to approach big global issues. Participants from many disciplines will bring their own expertise to the table, thereby allowing us all to start addressing problems and issues in ways we never would have thought of on our own. The Stir Symposium is about collaborating and thinking in new ways, no matter the discipline: business, architecture, engineering, design, agriculture, geography, and more.

Inspired by Design, the goal, and outcome, of the weekend will be an exploration of methodologies around this process of working together. In organizing this symposium, we have focused the weekend on topics that demand such a multi‑faceted approach.

Participants will work in new ways to address topics such as education (Learning), conservation and sustainability (Conserving), food production and agriculture (Eating), transportation (Moving), and community or city planning (Living).

Envisioned by graduate students in the Department of Design at The Ohio State University, this inspiring weekend will offer forward thinking academics and professionals a chance to stir it up and foster discussions with other disciplines in order to experience new ways of collaborating. The issues of today’s world cannot be addressed without this substantial collaboration and a new way of thinking.

Advisory Board

Dr. Liz Sanders
Associate Professor in the Department of Design
Paul Nini
Professor and Department of Design Chair
R. Brian Stone
Associate Professor in the Department of Design and University Senator
Dr. Blaine Lilly
Department of Engineering
Dr. Karen Hutzel
Department of Art Education


Executive Board

“Stir 2011 could never have been as successful without one of its executive committee members. Each one’s commitment and passion pushed the others toward a truly innovative Symposium and we created something greater than any of us could have predicted.”
– Beth Acox Benzenberg, Executive Chair
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