Collect provides additional background information through in-depth topic-specific presentations.



In order to seek more background information on their topic, participants have the opportunity to ask questions of the Consultants during the Collect sessions. Consultants were here as content experts in each of the five categories:

Wendy Ake (Eating)

Global food justice and the complexity of the global food system.

Natacha Poggio (Learning)

Students working to solve real-world issues.

Jonathan Mills and Alison Thibault (Learning)

A possible future for secondary education in developing countries.

Bernard Canniffe (Learning)

Creating engaging assignments for design students.

Joseph Fiksel (Conserving)

Sustainable Design in the Electronics Industry

Susan Melsop (Living)

Encouraging Ecological Living through Community-based Engagement

Dan Collins (Moving)

Intelligent transportation.

Liz Sanders, PhD – Keynote Speaker

This is the time where a transition happens in the symposium. Until now, participants have been gathering information about each topic’s historic and present day context. Liz Sanders introduces ideas of using individual expertise and knowledge to look forward while working together in new spaces with design research methodologies.

“I loved the presentation by Liz Sanders and the activity of doing the make tool. I also loved interacting in a small group.”
J.S., Learning Group 3
Stir Symposium 2011


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